The initial consultation will provide me with the information I need to design a plan to suit your training needs. We will discuss your lifestyle and nutrition status and make suggestions if needed.

The first training session will focus on finding out your fitness ability and assessing muscular and postural characteristics. From there I will coach you on the programme specific to your goal.

Whether you want to look great on the beach, or for a special occasion, build muscle, improve your health and wellbeing, or need bespoke training for anything, I am here to inspire, educate, motivate and provide you with the results to achieve your goal.

Studio training options (Putney):

  1. 4 session per month – £340
  2. 8 sessions per month – £640
  3. 12 session per month – £900

Home training options (Notting Hill, Chelsea, Kensington & Fulham):

  1. 4 sessions per month – £340
  2. 8 sessions per month – £640
  3. 12 session per month – £900

 Online training programme

My training and nutrition programmes are specifically designed to help you achieve long lasting results, without the guidance of a one on one session. These programs are best suited to people with some previous training experience.

  1. Gym, home or outdoors: (includes consultation, 1 hour coaching session, nutritional and supplementation guidance, lifestyle advice, email and telephone support) = £200
  2. Online training programme (include Skype consultations, nutritional and supplementation guidance, lifestyle advice and 4 week progressive programme, 24 hour email support) = $150 / £100

To book in for a free consultation, or to inquire about 45 minute sessions or group training, please send me your contact details below.