img_0135Jess (Real Estate Agent):

I have been training with Ben for the past 2 years, and over that time have made significant strength gains, whilst simultaneously dropping a large amount of body fat.

Before training with Ben, I was reluctant to work with a personal trainer, as I am relatively self motivated, and had been disappointed with trainers who I had worked with previously who put me on “cookie cutter programs” which neither focused on my goals nor left me with any noticeable changes in my physique. From the onset, Ben sat down with me and asked me what my goals were, and then tailored my programs accordingly. I actually was training less frequently then before, but more specifically to my goals, and for the first time started to make progress. Ben was able to correct my technique, and see where my weaknesses were, and help to correct them by introducing mobility into my training which has made a huge improvement to my overall movement.

Ben has helped me to understand how to eat to improve my performance in the gym (without the need for a ton of expensive supplements which I had been previously prescribed), and has given me the skills to make the right choices in regards to nutrition, and the confidence to be able to eat out and enjoy living without feeling like I will compromise my progress.

Ben has a passion for coaching people, and I feel as though my goals are just as important to him, as they are to me. His belief in my abilities and his support has seen me go from deadlifting 100kg for a 1RPM, to now comfortably pulling that weight for reps, and hitting a PB at 145kg which is 2.6x my bodyweight, something I would never have imagined I’d be capable of doing. Apart from the significant improvement in my strength, a recent DEXA scan showed that I have dropped 10% body fat since starting with Ben, proving that you can gain muscle and drop fat simultaneously – with the right coach!

Thank you Ben for believing in me, pushing me and getting me stronger and in better shape in my 30’s than I ever was in my 20’s.

image-2Federica Caratti (Executive Assistant):

I met Ben only 6 months ago in Sydney and I can see amazing results on my body shape.

First of all he deeply explained to me how important is to follow the right diet, doing important little changing that make such a big difference.

Ben supports you all the time, giving tips how to prepare tasty but really healthy meals, giving tips how to relax, how to use natural remedies if you are sore.

He is not only a professional, but even a person who listen to you, who never gets tired of explains how to train correctly: English is not my mother tongue language and he makes all the points clear.

Very important to underline: he encourages you to keep going, sharing with you the satisfactions coming from a good workout and he cares about your psychological aspects as well.

stephSteph Boden (Student):

Training with Ben over the past 6 months has been very rewarding. He is extremely knowledgeable and willing to answer any question I have. He has helped me to achieve the goals we originally set and has assisted me with nutrition in order to create a sustainable lifestyle that I continue to enjoy. Having a trainer like Ben, who is so personable, makes training much more enjoyable, especially when he is always so encouraging regarding setting new goals in the gym each week.

DSCN2782Jackie Roper (Broadcaster):

“When I met Ben Chapman I was a feeble, unfit UK size 12 (worse than it sounds – I’m only a shade over five feet tall) staring down both barrels of my 40th birthday.

I’d had PTs before but Ben was the only one who really listened to what I wanted. He came up with varied, effective programmes and dietary advice that worked for ME not just the “39 year old woman” template.

I was a toned UK size eight when the dreaded birthday arrived and am now – several (ahem) years on, a healthy, happy UK size 6.

He’s seen me through some difficult times – and his help in consultation with my physio after a nasty car crash was also invaluable.

Ben is a committed and intelligent trainer whom I cannot recommend highly enough.”

MickMichael Poulton (GB Athlete):

“My name is Michael Poulton and on the 27th April 2007 I was involved in a near-death road traffic accident that changed my life forever.

I woke up in hospital to find that my legs were smashed to pieces and might have to be amputated. I also had a punctured lung, head injury, broken arm and shoulder, and a severe loss of skin on my upper torso.

For the next year I underwent numerous operations and had metal cages fitted to both legs. I was mostly bed bound and could only go out in a wheelchair, having been told I would never walk again.

Extensive surgery had also removed some dead muscle and bone from my right leg, leaving me with severe scaring and foot drop. With no feeling in either leg or foot, I would have to wear a splint for the rest of my life. Even though I was told I would never walk again, sheer determination had me walking within a year.

During the next few years I focused on returning to some sort of normal existence and that is when Ben Chapman became a big part of my life. I’d been unable to achieve even basic movements at the gym let alone some of the more difficult stuff so Ben put together a very well structured plan to get me moving again. Within a short space of time he had me squatting and working on a deadlift technique.

It might sound simple but with my disabilities, balance had become a huge issue in my training. Nevertheless with Ben’s wide range of knowledge of the human body we began to make progress.

As Ben and I started getting great results performance-wise my body shape began to improve, which was an added bonus as it led to a photo shoot and me becoming an ambassador for a supplements company.

Earlier this year, when it was suggested that I try Paralympic sports, Ben took my nutrition and training to another level and I began to achieve things that I never thought possible. Six months ago I started athletics and in my first season I finished 2nd in Britain behind Jonnie Peacock in the T44 category. I achieved this within 6 races, of which half were able-bodied races including one that I actually won!

As a late-starter I’m lacking race experience but I’ve achieved a lot in a small space of time and hopefully more as time goes on. My priority now is to make the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and this is largely thanks to Ben Chapman’s hard work and dedication.

Over the last few weeks I have started training with Jonnie Peacock’s old coach Halyey Ginn. She’s very positive about my ability and thinks I have the potential to go all the way. Without Ben’s help and guidance I would not be where I am today or on this amazing journey towards Rio!

Ben Chapman is one of the most influential, positive and inspiring people I’ve ever worked with. His advice and support has been invaluable as I continue to work and develop my career as an athlete. It’s essential for me to stay in peak physical condition and Ben has supported me every step of the way.

Thank you Ben! You’ve become a great friend and mentor and I truly appreciate all your nutritional advice, training tips and the time you’ve shared with me.”

ollieOllie Purchase (Speedo Model):

”I was sad to hear when Ben told me that he was leavig to move to Australia. Over the 3 years of knowing Ben I gained a lot of understanding in training and the different principles one can apply to manipulate your body.

In 2 years I went from being 69kilos to 81kilos purely through Ben’s training and his dietary guidance. He is fantastic at pointing out any technical faults in your lifting, which I believe differentiates him from other PT’s through his vast knowledge.

On top of that Ben is a great guy who is personnel, friendly and very helpful. I would highly recommend him as a PT whether you are a beginner or advanced, Ben will tailor your trainings to your specific needs/goals. ”

KellyKelly Impet (Fire Service woman):

“I was very similar to many females going into the gym, I’d spent up to 2 hours pounding away on the treadmill or cross trainer, perhaps doing a few sit ups. I rarely lifted any weights probably due to a lack of knowledge on how to do it safely and perhaps a lack of confidence. I then applied to join the fire brigade and quickly realized that although I was reasonably fit, my strength, particularly upper body, was lacking.

I decided to enlist the help of a personal trainer which was when I began my training journey with Ben. Ben quickly identified one of my key weakness, flexibility. Training programs were tailored to not only work on my strength but increase my flexibility whilst I was training which in turn helped to improve my technique.

Exercises were functional not only for work as a firefighter but also for everyday life. I was no longer spending hours in the gym achieving very little, instead 45 minutes of focused training.

Over a period of time I went from weighing 67kgs to 57kgs, although weight loss was not my primary goal, I’m sure looking lean and toned is something that nearly all gym users strive to achieve.

Each program was a stepping stone to longer term goals. In 6 months I went from being unable to do even half a pull up, to pull ups with 15kgs strapped to me, something I would never have achieved using the assisted pull up machine. I thoroughly enjoyed my training and could see the results.

It always surprised me that even after 6 years of training with Ben, there would be new, effective exercises which helped ensure that I didn’t get bored or complacent. This is probably down to Ben’s dedication to keep learning and improve his own knowledge by attending courses and seminars at his own expense, which ensures his clients get the most possible from their training.

For anyone looking to improve their strength, lose weight, achieve the most from and enjoy their training I would highly recommend working with Ben.”